Calf Show & Handlers

Mr W Booth


Beef – Mr P Lewis
Holsteins – Mr W Booth
Other Dairy – Mr A Broadley


Heavy Horse – Mr V Scott
Show Jumping – Mrs M Hargreaves, Mrs J McCubbin, Mrs S Birch
Other Light Horses – Mr M Diaz, Mrs N Jones, Mrs G Wright


Short Wool – Mr C Pryce, Mr F Boyde
Long Wool – Mr A Blackwood, Miss A Kerruish
Loaghtans & Fleeces – Mr H Beuthaine, Mr B Leece
Meg Lambs – The President and Miss S Kewley


The President

Pet Farmyard Animal & Meg Lambs

The President and Vice-President


The President

Fur & Feather Poultry & Bantams

Poultry & Bantams – Mr C Rimmer
Pigeons – Mr C Rimmer
Rabbits – Mr C Rimmer
Cavies, Hamsters
– Mr C Rimmer
Cats – Mr C Rimmer

Grain Growing

Mr E Taggart 

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts, Open Section – Mrs B Kennaugh & Mrs L McPherson
Arts & Crafts, Children & Young Adults – Mrs L Tootill
Photography – Mr P Killey

Trade Stands

Mrs B Skillicorn & Mr A K Corlett

Farm Competition

Mrs F M Moore, J R Quayle & M I Quayle

Vintage Tractors and Machinery

Mr T P Caley CP

Unbenched 50 Class Open Show

Mrs P Mottershaw

Open Dog Obedience Show

Miss P Wilson, Mrs A Shearer, Ms L Thompson, Ms J Taylor, Ms F Holdsworth

Farm & Garden

Farm Produce – Mr A Radcliffe
Fruit & Vegetables – Mr A Radcliffe
Roses & Flowers – Mr K Barnes
Cookery & Confectionary – Mrs C Quayle & Mrs A Duggan & Mrs A Ratcliffe
Breads & Bonnags – Mr A Quirk
Preserves – Mrs J Watterson
Dairy Produce – Mrs B Skillicorn and Mr A K Corlett
Honey – Isle of Man Federation of Beekeepers

Download the list of Judges here

Official Sponsors

Official Sponsors